At Retail Reflections we write and speak about everything to do with retail and consumer issues.


From providing content for marketers, to speaking at retail conferences and seminars, we provide practical insights and experience on everything from cognitive computing to the psychology of the modern consumer.

Regularly featured in the media, including BBC Radio 4, Sky News, and specialist retail press, Retail Reflections’ expertise is constantly in demand to provide updates and insights on the retail landscape.


Zana Busby MSc is an experienced psychologist, keynote speaker and author, having spent over 20 years studying and practicing psychology.

As a Consumer & Business Psychologist she specialises in cognitive-behavioural science, offering insights into decoding the mind of the consumer.

Her main focus is on the role emotions, cognitions, mood and gender differences play in shaping and influencing the customer journey and consequently consumer buying decisions and behaviour.

Zana is an audience engaging keynote speaker at conferences and events, both domestic and international, delivering insightful keynote speeches where she explores the psychology of the consumer whilst at the same time providing a real-world checklist for brands and retailers.

Prior to joining Retail Reflections, Zana worked in the private sector studying mental health and wellbeing.

She is author of the self-empowerment book Life Equilibrium.


Named as one of the world’s most influential retail analysts, Andrew is the Founder & CEO of Retail Reflections.

Andrew is constantly in demand for both writing and speaking and is regularly quoted in the media – on TV, radio and in the national press.

Author of the book Harry Was Right All Along and a Forbes contributor, Andrew is highly sought after as a retail writer and international keynote speaker and features regularly in the Top 20 lists of global retail influencers.

A former retailer, Andrew held senior positions at both Kingfisher and Superdrug prior to founding Retail Reflections.


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