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Andrew and Zana are experienced and authoritative keynote speakers and panellists at retail, business and consumer psychology conferences across the world. They draw on their combined track records to present insight and analysis, both individually and as a pair. Recently, they have spoken at events in London, Oxford, Moscow, Sofia, and Athens, and benefit from close partnerships with major institutions like the British Retail Consortium and the Saïd Business School.


Andrew and Zana are both experienced retail and consumer commentators in the international press, covering a wide range of topics for breaking news and detailed insight. Andrew has his own column in Forbes magazine and is the author of Harry Was Right All Along, an in-depth study of changing trends in retail which examines the crisis facing the high street and new developments in the commercial sector. He is also regularly quoted in major newspapers and periodicals like the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Express and Retail Gazette. Zana is the author of Life Equilibrium, a popular psychology self-help book. She also writes and comments widely on issues of consumer behaviour, choice and identity. Zana blogs regularly and has been featured in the Metro and Retail Gazette.


As well as their extensive speaking, writing and broadcasting commitments, Andrew and Zana host the retail and consumer psychology podcast What’s In Store. On this, they examine different aspects of the industry and speak to key influencers and thought leaders about major retail and business events like the Budget and significant corporate leadership changes. They offer a distinctive and well-researched perspective on these topics and have drawn listeners from around the world.


"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the success of the 2nd InStore Marketing Conference"
2nd InStore Marketing Conference
"Our team was delighted to have such a passionate and charismatic speaker at the Future of Retail 2019 conference, Sofia. Zana, we believe your presentation was among the best ones during the event and we are convinced that the information you shared was a huge benefit to the attendees and will impact their future work"
Future of Retail Conference
"Rated as one of the most valuable and relevant speakers. Excellent and engaging"
Future of Retail Conference


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