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At Retail Reflections we write & speak about all things retail & the consumer. From providing content for marketeers to speaking at retail conferences & seminars, we provide practical insights and experience on everything from cognitive computing to the psychology of the modern consumer.


Regularly featured in the media including BBC Radio 4, Sky News, and specialist retail press, Retail Reflections are constantly in demand to provide updates and insights on the retail landscape. 









Named as one of the most influential retail analysts, Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Retail Reflections.

Author of the book 'Harry Was Right All Along' and a Forbes contributor, Andrew is highly sought after as a retail writer and international keynote speaker. Andrew regularly features in the top 20 lists of global retail influencers to follow.


A former retailer, he has worked with many of the best known retailers in the UK including Arcadia, Debenhams, Dixons and John Lewis.




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Zana Busby MSc is an experienced psychologist and author, having spent over 20 years studying and practicing psychology and psychotherapy.


As a Consumer & Business Psychologist, she specialises in cognitive-behavioural science, offering insights into decoding the mind of the consumer.

Her main focus is on the role cognitions, emotions, mood and gender differences play in shaping and influencing the customer journey and consequently consumer buying decisions and behaviour.

Prior to joining Retail Reflections, Zana worked in the private sector studying mental health and wellbeing.


She is author of the self-help book Life Equilibrium.


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Consumer Psychology


Consumers’ shopping preferences are continually evolving. Knowing what goes into the thought process of consumers before they decide to purchase is imperative for building and maintaining a successful business.

Do you know what consumers really want? Do you want to better understand their needs, wants and desires? How can you get insight into customer’s attitude, intention and motive? Are you looking to build strong relationships with your customers?

​Whether you are a retailer or are engaged in the retail industry, these are the sort of questions which we can answer. Through our understanding of consumer psychology - the science of the human mind and behaviour, we offer expert insights into consumer behaviour.

Keynote Speaking


"Our recent ‘Marketing to Generation Z’ breakfast events were a great success. We worked with Andrew and Zana at Retail Reflections on this campaign as subject matter experts in their field. Not only was their experience and input invaluable but they also brought this subject to life in an entertaining and informative manner"

Business Development Director, Purple Square Consulting

"Through our own endeavours to reset the ‘human experience’ design agenda, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet (and work with) Andrew and Zana - not only on shifting the experience economy narrative, but also on collaborative opportunities to take our thinking to industry events. In all instances, we’ve found them both to be experienced, resourceful and a pleasure to work with"


Head of Marketing & Business Development – Green Room Design

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Andrew as a retail influencer, futurist and content creator. Andrew is extremely professional, knowledgeable, collaborative and creative. We've partnered on various pieces of content, including blogs, webinars, eBooks, video interviews and more. Andrew is an excellent on-camera talent and one of IBM Watson Commerce's top partners for written content"
IBM Watson Commerce Team

Retail Reflections are available for all types of conference & client engagements including keynote speaking.


We can speak either individually or in a unique two hander session where we explore the psychology of the consumer whilst at the same time providing practical examples and a real world checklist for retailers.


Current Keynotes Include:


'Retail Trends 2019 - What You Really, Absolutely MUST Know'

Confused by customer experience? Intimidated by Artificial Intelligence? Worried about returns? Here we look at what every retailer needs to pay attention to in 2019 and perhaps more importantly, which tech trends you should ignore.


'These People Don't Use Commas'

Generation Z - the first truly digital natives are different, they think differently and act differently; and by 2020 they will comprise 40% of all consumers. Gain valuable insights from a consumer psychologist on what you need to consider when marketing to this new breed of extra demanding consumers.


'Human Centric Experiences - The Antidote To A Dystopian Tech State'

Is the proliferation of technology having an adverse impact on our emotional well being? Technology in retail is one of the essential ingredients for both the online and physical customer journey of the future but it has to be considered in the right way: human first.


'Shifting Consumer Expectations'

This explores the reasons behind the rise of the new consumer, what motivates them, what they expect from a brand and why the relationship between retailer and consumer has changed forever.


'The Psychology of the Consumer - What You Really Need to Know'

In this unique keynote delivered by both, Andrew moderates and provides a roadmap whilst Zana brings over 20 years' experience as a business & consumer psychologist to explain the mysteries of our minds.



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