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Why I’m Delighted To Be Speaking At The CX Exchange For Retail

Why I’m Delighted To Be Speaking At The CX Exchange For Retail

There’s one retail conference that I’ve long been wanting to be involved with and that’s the CX Exchange – or to give it its full title, the Customer Experience Exchange for Retail. And I am delighted to share that in addition to my company, Retail Reflections, becoming media partners, I will be speaking at the conference.

But before that, where did my passion for retail come from?

My first job was in retail, actually, my first two. Now, and scarily, it was over forty years ago in Bournemouth when I did spells at Beales and at Minns Music. The former is experiencing something of a struggle right now and the latter is sadly no longer with us.

But each, in their own different ways, gave me my appetite for retail which is stronger today than it’s ever been. And at the heart of great retailing then, as now, is great customer service and experience.

Of course, back in 1979, we were still twelve years away from the internet as we know it today and fifteen away from having Amazon in our lives The concept of shopping online had not even been dreamt of back then. But today it is as natural as anything one cares to mention. However, it (so far as I know) can never compete with well-executed physical retail.

Because, truly memorable customer experience immerses us and involves all our senses and keeps us coming back for more. It’s the same when we look around a great museum or art gallery, we’re enthralled at each new surprise and delight around every corner.

If you are planning on attending the CX Exchange, which is being held at the Hilton Syon Park in London April 20th & 21st, you won’t be disappointed because there is a stellar line-up of speakers.

From The White Company to M&S to N Brown to WH Smith, it reads like a who’s who of the high street. And the format lends itself to being a great networking opportunity, where senior executives responsible for the design, development and delivery of their customer service strategies and solutions are invited to attend.

And my involvement? I will have the absolute pleasure of sharing the stage with retail expert Natalie Berg for a breakfast briefing on day two where, amongst other things, we will be discussing:

  • What are the key challenges facing legacy retail in 2020 and beyond?

  • What new and emerging technologies can be harnessed to ensure value for the customer?

  • What role does the physical store play in the future of retail? and

  • How can organisations effectively understand the values and objectives that drive their customers?

I’m looking forward to it; I hope to see you there.