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Star of NRF 2018

Star of NRF 2018

Ahead of this year’s NRF, Retail Reflections announced our ‘Star of NRF 2018’ award; this was an award which would go to what we felt was the best technology solution on display at the NRF Conference & Expo.

From a very long list, we are delighted to announce the winner: take a bow Shelfbucks!

We were looking for a solution which could be deployed today, something which a retailer MUST have in 2018.

Austin, Texas based startup, Shelfbucks fits the criteria perfectly.

For retailers and CPG companies, secondary promotional displays generate significant incremental sales from store perimeters and aisles.

Every day a display is on the sales floor equals incremental sales and profits. Therefore, executional excellence is key to winning sales and share.

But incredibly, many displays never make it to the shop floor; ending up in the recycling bin – or worse – and neither the retailer nor the CPG company have had visibility of this – until now.

Via a tiny sensor, CPG companies can integrate the Shelfbucks platform into product displays to actively measure execution and improve performance of every display, every day, throughout the entire supply chain and life of a campaign.

These powerful, real-time data and field alerts improve display execution and sales by 20 to 30%. Shelfbucks data also decreases excess inventory by 20%, which improves product turn and increases sales volume.

Shelfbucks CEO Erik McMillan explained how his company’s retailer and CPG partnerships are transforming the process – and performance – of in-store product merchandising:

“Historically, retailers and brands lose billions of dollars in potential sales every year due to product displays that never reach shoppers, are executed at the wrong time, or are not accurately measured to identify the greatest opportunities for additional sales,” Mr. McMillan said.

“We developed the Shelfbucks MEASURESM platform to solve these industry-wide challenges with measurable accuracy.

In addition to display execution and performance, we precisely measure incremental sales lift attributable to individual campaigns, stores, displays and product SKUs.  More importantly, we enable retailers and CPGs to take immediate action to significantly increase sales from current and future campaigns.”

As we said: elegant, simple and smart. Congratulations Shelfbucks.

About Shelfbucks

Shelfbucks is the number-one in-store merchandising supply chain optimization platform, enabling retail and CPG brand customers to realize additional revenue and brand equity from in-store marketing programs through actionable insights that lead to better merchandising decisions and shopper experiences. Additional information on Shelfbucks is available at Watch industry leaders speak on digital coming to the in-store experience at Shelfbucks MEASURESM, SmartShelf™ and SmartDisplay™ are trademarks of Shelfbucks Inc.

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