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Retail Reflections delivers insightful and entertaining keynotes that will inspire your audience and leave a lasting positive impression. For your next conference, we can work from our proven themes that have been successful with widely varying audiences; or equally we can create a more bespoke, niche keynote to fit your particular requirements. We have a firm grasp of understanding what you want and creating the best solutions for your event. You tell us what you want, we deliver.
It’s as simple as that.


Shopper Mark Two: Understanding Them Is Key To Your Survival

There is a new breed of shopper in town. Brand loyalty means nothing to them – they are promiscuous. Your survival is not their concern – they will shop your brand one day and your competitor’s the next. Meet Shopper Mark Two.

These People Don't Use Commas

Generation Z – the first true digital natives are different. They think differently and act differently and they now make up 40% of all consumers. Gain valuable insights into what you need to consider when marketing to this new breed of extra demanding consumers.



Human Centric Experiences - The Antidote To A Dystopian Tech State

Is the proliferation of technology having an adverse impact on our emotional well being? Technology in retail is one of the essential facilitators for both the online and the analogue customer journey. But it has to be considered in the right way: human first.

Shifting Consumer Expectations

We explore the key drivers behind modern consumers: what motivates them, what they expect from a brand and why the relationship between retailer and customer has changed forever.


"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the success of the 2nd InStore Marketing Conference"
2nd InStore Marketing Conference
"Our team was delighted to have such a passionate and charismatic speaker at the Future of Retail 2019 conference, Sofia. Zana, we believe your presentation was among the best ones during the event and we are convinced that the information you shared was a huge benefit to the attendees and will impact their future work"
Future of Retail Conference
"Rated as one of the most valuable and relevant speakers. Excellent and engaging"
Future of Retail Conference

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