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October 12, 2018

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Brexit - The Only Thing Clear Is The Scoreline

October 15, 2018



The process to deliver what happens to be one of the most emotive topics of the modern era is inexorably approaching its climax. And with it, the crescendo of calls from either side – Brexiteers & Remainers alike – are both reaching fever pitch.


Putting the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain or creating something akin to a ‘colony state’ as Boris Johnson famously said - it all depends on your point of view.


However, one thing is clear; nothing in living memory has caused so many furrowed brows and machinations as Brexit. Indeed, it has been a challenge for anyone to define exactly what Brexit is; when put in that context it becomes a fallacy that the people were ever asked to vote on it.

"It was pretty clear two years ago that we were being asked to vote on a hugely significant change to our country whilst being in possession of precious few facts"

One man’s Brexit is another man’s (dog’s) breakfast. Which doesn’t necessarily mean that “It” is good or bad for the country – because as an electorate we’ve never, ever been given a straightforward explanation of the pros and cons; should I stay or should I go? Why? Because no-one knew then and still don't two years later.


Not Donald Tusk, not Michel Barnier, not Dominic Raab nor Theresa May. There’s no guidebook to turn to, no instructions on how to achieve “It”. Lets’ face it, “It’s” never been done before.


And whilst the politics are played out in front of an ever more exasperated nation, the calls for a 2nd referendum, a so-called ‘People’s Vote’, grow louder with every passing day.


The EU Summit this week is being touted as the last chance for a deal; hope and time are rapidly running out and the prospect of a no deal Brexit looms ever larger, this Halloween could be the best (or worse) we’ve ever had.


It was pretty clear two years ago that we were being asked to vote on a hugely significant change to our country whilst being in possession of precious few facts. More disturbingly, we were being fed a diet of misinformation, fake news and in some cases downright lies.


Those who voted to leave did so honourably, of that I am sure. But one wonders if they really knew what they were voting for?


But just because it ended Brexiteers 1, Remainers 0 – where is the justification for having a replay? Whilst it is a truth that we all probably know more now about the implications of Brexit than we did two years ago (and would therefore vote differently now?) that is pretty much irrelevant.


To hold another referendum now because we didn’t like the score the first time around would be to kick democracy in the knackers. And what if the result favoured the Remainers? Make it best of three? Of course not.


The principles of democracy, the very heart of our constitution, are surely more important and sacrosanct than anything Brussels can serve up?


Brexit, in some shape or form will happen and for years to come we will be reminded of 23rd June 2016, the day we were asked to vote on something none of us really knew anything about.



Andrew Busby is a retail writer and keynote speaker, Founder of Retail Reflections and an IBM Futurist. 

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