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Say It With A Rabbit, They’re Really Rather Friendly You Know

Say It With A Rabbit, They’re Really Rather Friendly You Know

I don’t know about you but when I was a child I used to keep rabbits. Lovable and adorable, quite apart from the joy they brought, the experience taught me a lot about what it is like to have responsibility for caring for a creature.

Today however, and on this day especially, mention of the word ‘rabbit’ is more likely to be in a very different context. And whilst a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates may remain the staple gift diet on Valentine’s Day, more and more of us are being, shall we say, a little more adventurous with our gifts to our loved ones.

Indeed, data shows that the sex toy market is growing 10-15% each year – and Valentine’s is certainly becoming much ‘sexier’ with big increases in sex toy purchases.

So much so, that in the run up to Valentine’s Day, Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people, have seen a 22% growth in website visitors this year compared to 2019. Not only that, but as the old adage goes, size matters, and in the case of Lovehoney, sales uplift in terms of basket size has increased by a whopping 33%.

And according to them, similar increases have been seen year on year over the last three to five years. The Mirror also reports eBay seeing a 49% increase in sex toy sales in the run up to Valentine’s Day, which would suggest a wider trend and change in consumer buying patterns.

In addition, it seems that our American friends are beginning to lose some of their inhibitions, as Lovehoney reports that for their US market, consumer basket size continues to increase year on year with three items this year on average compared to two in 2019.

One may wonder what is driving this? Much of it has to do with the fact that the kind of products that Lovehoney and others sell, adult toys and lingerie for example, are no longer seen as being in some way embarrassing or awkward to talk about.

No longer are they seen as a separate sub-sector of their own within the retail industry. Because where once it was considered borderline pornography, sexual happiness is now well and truly established as a fully paid-up member of the health and wellness club.

The link between sexual happiness and well-being, both physical and mental has been clearly established now for years, and when in the comfort of our own homes it seems that we are becoming ever more daring in our pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

To some, a plant based diet might sound healthy but also incredibly boring, but where there’s a yin there’a a yang, and what better way to balance the fortitude of healthy eating by having a bit of fun in the bedroom?

And while the Brits continue to prove ever more adventurous compared to our American counterparts, old Uncle Sam is rapidly catching up. So what are some of the US bestsellers for Lovehoney this Valentine’s?

The classic mains powered magic wand is a favourite, while fifty shades still captures the sexual imagination, the Lovehoney fifty shades rabbit vibrator also featuring in their list of top ten products.  Or for the more mature and adventurous customers, how about the bondage boutique under mattress restraint set?

Either way, one thing is clear, we didn’t need to leave the EU to put the great back into Great Britain, it was always there, it just needed awakening in the right sort of way. And with the help of the sexual happiness people, it seems we’re rediscovering our collective mojo. Let the games begin!