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In Pictures: IBM Think 2018 Day 2

In Pictures: IBM Think 2018 Day 2

Day 2 of IBM Think 2018 began fast and ended loud! Check out our pictures from day 2.

“Let’s put smart to work” Great theme for the conference

 Everywhere you looked – so you ‘think’ you know your customer? ‘Think’ again!

 Many different ways to think

 Couple of IBM Influencers with our new friend

 Plenty of magic to be seen

 Watson Explorer – should be part of every retailer’s DNA

 Data – don’t be swamped – find your own Datatopia!

“My data is trapped and I can’t get my data out”

 Couldn’t get enough of the future of connected, intelligent motoring

 Selfie time with Train!

 And that, as they say folks, is a wrap! Here’s to IBM Think 2019

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