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Adobe Heralds A New Age Of Experience Management With Adobe Experience Manager In The Cloud

Adobe Heralds A New Age Of Experience Management With Adobe Experience Manager In The Cloud

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m frequently frustrated by what passes for personalisation these days. And frankly, the majority is anything but, being more akin to ambulance chasing. All too often, it’s retrospective and anything BUT personal. You know the kind of thing to which I’m referring: no, I don’t want another BBQ thank you, one is quite sufficient. 

It is irritating at best and can really get too depressing, leaving most of us wondering if there’s a better way.  It is often said that no personalisation is better than poor personalisation, because if you really want to create an uninspiring mediocre customer experience, guaranteed to put your customers off coming back again, just deliver the latter.

Well, there’s good news because with the launch today of Adobe’s latest creation, Adobe have taken a major step forward in bringing inspiring content and customer experience to us all.

Customers are expecting better personalisation, Adobe Experience Manager allows enterprises to deliver on this

Paul Robson, President, International, Adobe

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has been around for a number of years now, but this latest incarnation, developed by the team in Basel and led by Vice President of Engineering, Jean-Michel Pittet, promises a giant leap forward. Especially so for brands such as Vodafone, Unilever, Virgin Atlantic and McLaren who are already enjoying the benefits.

However this announcement means that Adobe Experience Manager now becomes a cloud-native service meaning that customers can rapidly update, personalise and deliver customer experiences via the cloud; gain access to rich ready-to-roll capabilities and APIs; auto-scale experiences globally; and personalise their AEM service to meet their business needs.

Being hosted in the cloud brings a number of key benefits when it comes to content management. “Always on, always up to date, with intelligence”, says Pittet.

Allowing personalised experiences across multiple platforms, Pittet says that it will transform customer experience management. President, International at Adobe, Paul Robson believes that historical performance can often be a barrier to forward progress in this field, “The move to a new experience is often held back by the experience the brand originally delivered to their customers”, he says.

Adding that there is “a massive shift in the ways that customers interact with brands”.

One in three consumers will move brands if they have a poor digital experience

Paul Robson, President, International, Adobe

The challenge has always been to deliver personalised content at scale. As consumers today, we demand and expect that our favourite brands are going to know us intimately. We are receptive to developing relationships with them and just one poor customer experience, where they failed to recognise and acknowledge us appropriately can destroy all the trust that has been invested in that relationship.

Industry First

According to Pittet, Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud is an industry first. AI powered content being able to drive the customer experience, to deliver what he describes as “experience optimisation”. 

Adobe refer to this as being comprised of three pillars: unleashing creativity, accelerating document productivity and powering digital businesses. All good so far but what exactly does this mean?

In today’s digital world, competition for customer attention and retention has never been fiercer. And with the younger generations consuming digital content for anything up to eight hours a day, brands had better get their messaging spot on if they are to grab attention.

We did the impossible

Jean-Michel Pittet, Vice President of Engineering, Adobe

And as content consumption continues to rise, it is critical to connect that content and data with commerce in a cohesive fashion. Combining cloud agility, faster time to value and experience optimisation to create great compelling experiences, Adobe say that AEM in the cloud is able to manage and deliver connected digital experiences across all channels and is the only cloud-native PaaS product on the market which delivers zero upgrade cost or downtime.

Augmenting human creativity with AI to turbocharge the content supply chain means that enterprises are able to perform operations within hours that previously would have taken weeks. 

According to Adobe, “customer experience defines a brand” and as Robson asserts, “customer experience is the new battleground”. And it is for this reason why all this matters

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